The Preidlhof Team

Wellbeing is a team effort

The secret of our qualities lies in the passion and professionality of a team of doctors and specialists. Our goal is to bring the body, soul and spirit back to complete balance, through the recovery of vital energy and the rediscovery of a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Under the inspiration and guidance of Patrizia Bortolin - Wellness Project Manager & Concept Designer - the expert pool coordinated by Mr Alexander Angerer includes the work of Stefano Battaglia, renowned internationally Master Therapist and specialized in Trauma Touch Skill, Martin Kirchler, researcher in ancient medicines, Irmgard Mossmair, expert in Forest Bathing and Elisabeth Raich, who made shiatsu a lifestyle. The Preidlhof Team is available for a free consultation every day from 8.30 am until 7.30 pm on +39 0473 666251.

Dr Alexander Angerer

physician and expert in complementary medicine with in-depth knowledge and a passion for prevention

Stefano Battaglia

intuitive therapist, meditation teacher and spiritual researcher, specializing in "Emotional shock and Trauma Recovery & Trauma Touch skills"

Martin Kirchler

versatile therapist, passionate about Chinese medicine whose intense research integrates multiple therapeutic languages and tools into one approach

Martina Huber

a yoga and fitness teacher who incorporates emotions into the movements, now specialises in dance therapy

Irmgard Moosmair

the brilliant guide of the woods who found her source of healing in the wisdom of plants, trees and in the regenerating power of the forests

Patrizia Bortolin

transformational coach and Spa Director who coordinates experts and shares sessions of experiential and sensory self-discovery

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